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Wedding Fireworks

and MORE!


♦ DJ/Live Band/Harpist/Violinist Entertainment Services

♦ Professional Photography / Videography Services

♦ Wedding Officiant (YES We can have someone marry you!!)

Live Butterfly Releases

♦ Professional Lighting and/or Special Effects

♦ Professional Wedding Laser Light Shows with Customizable Graphics & Logos (Your Names in LAZER!)


♦ Professional and FUN Photo Booths

♦ Special Area/Up Lighting

♦ Single Confetti Sticks OR PRO Confetti/Streamer Cannons

♦ Snow, Smoke and Bubble Machines

♦ Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

♦ Props, Decorations and Themed Weddings

♦ Professional GOBO Projection (customizable projection of your names, faces, in hundreds of designs, B/W or Color)

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Our highly trained and experienced Pyrotechnicians offer amazing professional firework displays for weddings adding that extra special touch to the end of your perfect day.

Our displays can be from a ground fountain display and/or a 5 minute "Wedding Finale" to a full blown 10 to 30 minute display. ANY of our displays that you choose for your special day are breathtaking and amazing for pictures and video to remember it by you and every guest at your wedding.

These are examples of ground fountain effects. We can even make them get close to the color of your wedding colors. Imagine instead of handheld small sparklers, you see these go off INside or OUTside of your wedding reception! No fallout and doesn't burn anything. 


Contact Us Today about the ground fountains and REALLY create the WOW factor for you Big Day!

Fireworks for Your Wedding??  OH YES!

These are examples of Wedding Fireworks Displays. Pyrotechnicians can even choreograph the fireworks to music, your wedding song, whatever! Imagine instead of handheld small sparklers, bubbles or confetti, you end your evening in style with a fireworks show to top off the perfect wedding day! 


Contact Us Today about the Wedding Fireworks Displays and REALLY create the WOW factor for you Big Day!

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An example of a Wedding PyroMusical

"We would like to send a massive thank you to the crew for providing a magical wedding fireworks display which was truly out of this world!!! It was one of the highlights of the day and we are still talking about it!  Every guest came up to us telling us how amazing the display was.  So many fireworks in just 5 minutes!!! Thank you again" - Carly and Mark Massey

"Amazingly fantastic! You truly live up to your name. The wedding fireworks service was really spectacular and you were so easy to work with. We would love to work with you again someday!" - Rebecca & Timothy Hoyt

"Hey there! Matthew and I as well as our guests were completely blown away by your show - absolutely outstanding! We could not have been more thrilled with your services. My photographer will be done editing our photos in about two weeks and we will be sure to pass along ones that he took from the show! Several of our guests stated these fireworks were better than Disney's, Washington DC on the 4th of July, and Tampa Bay's annual Pirate Festival (which is a huge deal)!! Thank you again, we could not have been more thrilled!" - MaryJane and Matthew Penn 

Wedding Fireworks FAQs

How much do your wedding fireworks cost?
Our wedding fireworks displays start from $1500

Do I need any special permissions to hold a wedding fireworks display?
No, there are no restrictions other than any imposed by the venue & county the venue is located in. If the county requires Pyrotechnics permits then the pyrotechnician will obtain them for your display.


Do all wedding venues allow firework displays?
You need to check first because some venues may not allow fireworks of any kind due to terrain, their company's rules, etc.


What level of insurance cover do you hold?
$1 million/$4 million.


Can you set my wedding fireworks to music?
Yes, tell the pyrotechnician your favorite songs and they will choreograph

your display to them. (extra charges for music added to fireworks package)


How about a PA system to play music?
The pyrotechnician can bring one for a small additional charge.


What is the latest time of night that I can have a wedding fireworks display?
12am is the legal curfew for most weekend nights but usually they'd like to set

them off before 11pm.  Some wedding venues set earlier times to avoid

disturbing neighbors like just when it gets dark.


Do I need to notify the police or local authorities for my wedding fireworks display?
No. However if you think a display may cause an unexpected disturbance letting your neighbors know in advance will make everyone aware if only you're having the display near peoples homes and not at a commercial wedding venue. We contact the local Fire Marshall anyways with our permits so you don't have to. If you're having the display at a house, inviting your neighbors to watch the display is also a good idea.


Do wedding fireworks cost more if you have to travel further away?
The pyrotechnician's prices apply for Central Virginia. Travel fees may apply outside 100 miles from Fredericksburg, VA. Additional fees may apply for outside the state of Virginia. For other areas, please email


How much space do I need for my wedding fireworks display?
The pyrotechnician's have fired displays in all sorts of locations, on the ocean, on lakes, on rivers, on rooftops, in grass/lawns, in backyards and in some of the tightest locations, it all depends on exactly where you have mind. Ideally they like a big open space at least the size of a football field but 100'X100' is fine too.  All depends on terrain as well. They will assess your area before you commit to purchasing one of our packages and the assessment is FREE!


What happens if it rains?
The show goes on in moderate rain fall. Downpours? We'll just have to wait it out, BUT, It’s your special day and we don't want to disappoint you.