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Welcome to the leading source of Audiovisual Production, Sound/Lighting Engineers, Photographers, Lasertechologists, Videographers, Aerotechologists, Pyrotechnicians, Audiovisual Technicians, Entertainers, Educators and Innovative Imaginations. These are just a portion of the services we provide for any event. Join our extensive list of clients that have found success with us.


SkyEFX specializes in spectacular Laser Light Shows and special effects for corporate, childrens and civic events with over 30 years of Full Production and Show experience. From large outdoor city-scale events and world tours, to intimate corporate and private functions, they offer custom sound, lighting & laser equipment for every occasion.


If you are attempting to design a full-scale event and don't know where to begin, our designers can work with you on every aspect of your production, not just the music. Full event lighting, ambience, sound and every element of your event can and will be amazing with the help of our team. We have over 25 years of experience with production and can help you cultivate a spectacular vision for your event.

We offer FULL Scale Production Services

We offer FULL Scale Production Services such as Stage Sound and Lighting Design/Shows.

Experience the breathtaking images and beams of full color lasers surrounding you and your guests. Please contact our Lasertechologist for some creative ideas for your ceremony or reception! We can program the laser projector to do practically ANYthing you desire for your BIG Day! We can even create the colors of your wedding to fill the air above your heads in a slow-moving liquid sky effect during your First Dance. The creative experience is endless and breathtaking! Laser packages are extremely affordable starting at only $999.  Contact us today for more information!

Want to know more about our


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Special Laser Presentations


These are examples of our ground fountain effects called Cold Spark Machines. Imagine instead of handheld small sparklers, you see these go off INside or OUTside of your wedding reception! No fallout, no smell, no smoke, no heat and doesn't burn anything. They're made to be used indoors and are breathtaking!


Contact Us Today about our ground fountains and REALLY create the WOW factor for you Big Day!


We take pride in our work whether it be for a private or public party, a nightclub atmosphere, a special occasion or an elegant wedding reception. Since our beginning in 1983 we have gained so much experience and personal joy entertaining the entire East Coast!  We can have everyone dancing in the aisles or set a romantic mood with our very large library of music.  We even have special effect lighting and confetti/streamer cannons to enhance and create any mood you want on your special day.


From Wedding & Portrait Photography to everything in between, our professional staff offers any type of photography available as well as Professional Videography for your special day.


Family and personal portraits are among the biggest types of photography services we offer, and the majority of what we do is the most elegant, sophisticated, and memorable as well as delicate among all of the types of video & photography and portraiture, is that of Weddings.

Valentine's Party at a Nightclub

Have the illusion of dancing on a cloud on your next special event with our professional "Cumulous" low lying fog effects.  Amazing for video and pictures as well and when we add special floor lighting to this effect it only enhances the "wow" factor for you and your guests.

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