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Our Gobo's
~​Call us to customize a Gobo that works for you~



Our professional wedding Gobo's are the perfect addition to celebrate the biggest event of your lives. Expect complete professional service from the moment you make contact with one of our friendly, knowledgeable wedding advisers. Their role is to provide you with expert assistance right up until the big day with practically every aspect of your wedding ceremony and reception.


What Is A Gobo??

(Graphic Optical Black Out)


A gobo is a patterned template, made of metal or heat-resistant glass, which is placed in a gobo holder in a focusing light projector to project an image onto a surface. Basically a gobo is much like a film slide. Originally gobos were almost exclusively made for theatre and television, and now they are widely used in entertainment, corporate, architectural, wedding and retail applications.


We also manufacture glass gobos which are best for intricate designs, whether monochrome and greyscale images or coloured images like a full-colored photo. We have a carefully chosen range of dichroic glass colors to produce solid color gobos, and mix Cyan, Magenta and Yellow dichroic glass templates to create full color images.

The term ‘GOBO’ is said to have come from a couple of sources …

  • It may be a condensed version of ‘go between’ because a gobo is placed between the lamp and the lens of a projecting lantern.

  • Graphic Optical Black Out. A bit of a mouthful, but maybe that’s why it was simplified!

  • Gobos were first used in early TV lighting to create an effect of a shadow on a set, and were sometimes called ‘Flags’ in the U.S.A.


Quite coincidentally, Gobo is the name of a restaurant in New York, the leading character from Fraggle Rock (created by Jim Henson), and a vegetable root otherwise know as Burdock. But, whichever, they are a PERFECT ADDITION to your special day!


♦ DJ/Live Band/String Quartet Entertainment Services

♦ Professional Photography / Videography Services

♦ Wedding Officiant (YES We can marry you!!)

Live Butterfly Releases

♦ Professional Lighting and/or Special Effects

♦ Professional Wedding Laser Light Shows with Customizable Graphics & Logos (Your Names in LAZER!)

♦ Professional Entertainment Consultants

♦ Limousine ~ Horse & Carriage Services

♦ Hair Stylists


♦ Professional and FUN Photo Booths

♦ Special Area/Up Lighting

♦ Single Confetti Sticks OR PRO Confetti/Streamer Cannons

♦ Snow, Smoke and Bubble Machines

♦ Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

♦ Props, Decorations and Themed Weddings

♦ Professional GOBO Projection (customizable projection of your names, or faces, in hundreds of designs, B/W or Color)

♦ Bar/Bartender/Beverage Services

Let's Celebrate!
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