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Magical Butterfly Releases

Releasing live butterflies at your wedding or special event is an indescribably unique alternative to confetti, rice, bird seed or balloons. You and your guests will never forget the magical appearance of these majestic fluttering beauties. As they emerge from their release box, envelopes or decorated release basket, you or an appointed guest can read the words from the American Indian Legend or whatever you have personally written in honor of someone living or who has unfortunately passed. The symbolism is endless! Whisper a wish to a beautiful butterfly and have that wish come true. Weddings are one of the most unforgettable celebrations in your life and we want it to be extra special.  DOWNLOAD OUR BUTTERFLY RELEASE FLYER (PDF FORMAT)
We hope to make your day even more spectacular with our magical butterflies.
We always welcome special requests.
Event Package

Special Package

24 Butterflies (Painted Lady)
Reg $129 Now $119.99 + Shipping

Wedding Package 1

Wedding Package

36 Butterflies (Painted Lady)
Reg $179 Now $159.99 + Shipping

Wedding Package 2

Wedding Package

60 Butterflies (Painted Lady)
Reg $219 now $199.99 + Shipping

Wedding Package 3

Wedding Package

100 Butterflies (Painted Lady)
"Fill the sky!"
Reg $349 now $329.99 + Shipping

Wedding Package Extras

Mass Release Box - $19.00
Individual Envelope Release - 50 Cents Each

(Printed with Bride & Groom's Names)

Our butterflies are actually bred just for YOU and your special day! They're shipped as adults and are packaged ready for release. Each butterfly is placed in its own special release envelope or into a mass release box. The envelopes can have the name's of the Bride and Groom printed on them. The mass release box has ribbon and a bow on it. The butterflies are shipped by an overnight delivery service and arrive the day before the wedding. The butterflies are fed prior to shipping and are shipped in a special container with a special ice pack to ensure their comfort. Minimal care is required prior to release and complete instructions are included. Sometimes we can even fulfill last minute orders depending on availability.

We Guarantee our butterflies to arrive alive and on time! We even put in a few more than ordered just in case...


To order just email us at or call us TODAY!

200 Painted Lady Butterflies Available for $599 + Shipping (savings of $60)

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