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Confetti / Streamer Cannons for ANY Occasion

For Weddings, Wedding Confetti makes unique wedding decorations whether you're the bride or an event planner. Our unique Wedding Confetti creates wonderful memories for your guests and make a great alternative to rice, bird seed, bubbles, sparklers and rose petals. Use our confetti sticks at bachelorette parties for an exciting twist and a preview of the Big Day! Elegant yet festive, these ready to use tubes are filled with all-white confetti. With the simple "flick of the wrist," you will have a beautiful display of magic and fun fly out of the tube up to 12' high into the air for the ultimate display of imaginative wedding supplies. These tubes are designed to easily fit inside a purse or a man's jacket pocket and make delightful wedding decorations. 


For School Assemblies, Church Events, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Parades, Stage Shows or ANY type of event you can think of, either our handheld flicking sticks filled with all kinds of colors suited for your event or our PROFESSIONAL Cannons will WOW your audience beyond belief!  


Want to take it one step further? Our entertainers are also highly trained aerotechologists. What does this mean for your event? We'll bring in our PROFESSIONAL CONFETTI / STREAMER CANNONS to set off at the right moment. It'll be one of the most awesome sites you'll ever see! 

Professional Confetti/Streamer Cannons For ANY Occasion


You can purchase some handheld models from us or you can hire us to bring in our professional cannons to really cover you and your guests with confetti and/or streamers! Contact us TODAY for our rate sheet!


The dazzling effects of our Confetti and Streamers are available in a fantastic array of products and launchers. Simple descriptions about the different visual effects of our amazing products can't do them justice, but our pictures can. Click through below to see our confetti and streamers in action!

Tabletop Confetti Launcher

Our transmitter can be programmed to fire all the centerpieces off at once or in a staggered firing configuration. Your guests will be surprised and "WOWED" as the tabletop confetti launchers explode with magic and fun! This incredible product will fit inside ANYthing you can think of! Rental unit comes with: Pedestal stand, Launcher barrel (must choose which confetti product you want included), Receiver, Control unit, 8-gram threaded Co2 cylinder & Transmitter. Contact us today for full details.

"Hand-Flick" Confetti Launchers


Imagine planning the perfect private party or small celebration. The tables are set, the music is playing, and food is being prepared. Everything is in place. All you need is way for each guest to join in on the celebration at just the right moment. Here’s where our Confetti Sticks come in.


Confetti Sticks work with the flick of a wrist. These pre-filled party sticks can be passed out at any celebration or pre-set on tables. When the moment for celebrating comes, they are ready to go. It could be for New Year’s Eve, a surprise guest, an announcement or any other moment worth celebrating.


Multicolor Flick Sticks are pre-filled with rainbow confetti. One flick of the wrist by party-goers sends the fetti into the air. These are great for any party where you want to get the guests involved. For a patriotic celebration, create your own fireworks. Patriotic Flick Sticks are filled with red, white, and blue confetti and each blast will show off your patriotic side. Fourth of July or a soldier’s home coming will be even more special with a burst of confetti.


For weddings, brides and grooms will love the White Flick Sticks. They are filled with white tissue confetti. Imagine each guest flicking a confetti stick as the bride and groom exit the wedding or enter the reception.


Whatever purpose you use your Confetti Flick Sticks for, they are sure to make your celebration a hit.

At 3:38 seconds into the video to the right, you'll see 2 of our 4-Foot Confetti Cannons in action during a Bridal Fashion Show at an Expo. To see it live was wild and to hear everyone's reaction was even better! You can watch the whole thing and see an interview with me before we blew the cannons off or move the slider to 3:38 seconds and just see the Confetti Cannons in action!

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