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BC Entertainment


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Bring Style & Class to Any Event

Bill's professionalism and unsurpassed experience with thousands of events under his belt, he ensures your event will be an outstanding success.


Laser Presentations for your BIG DAY!

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Top Rated Wedding DJ

From dynamic DJ's to stunning light shows, great music to guaranteed reliability; our comprehensive entertainment service includes everything you could possibly need to make your special occasion an outstanding success.

The wonderful and energetic Bill Carroll was our DJ and entertainment for the evening. He is a well known DJ in Virginia and he makes the party HAPPEN! He uses his many years experience in the business to read the room properly and brings the right energy to the crowd. With as many events and weddings as I photograph, I can say with certainty having the wrong DJ can really put a huge damper on the overall experience. With that in mind we knew we wanted someone kind, energetic and fun to keep the party on it’s feet. It doesn’t matter if you have a party of 10 or a party of 1000, trust Bill Carroll to do an outstanding job with a smile on! He’s an absolute pleasure to be around and took to the theme with open arms!

~ Siobhan Young Photography ~

BC Entertainment

DJ Entertainment & Production

BC Entertainment

Make any occasion completely special with Bill Carroll.  Our Professional Disc Jockeys, Photographers, Videographers, MC's, Lighting Technicians, Classy Special Effects, Dependable Service & Quality State-Of-The-Art Sound and Lighting Systems Are Some Of The Reasons That Set Us Apart!  Call Today at 800-809-4711 or locally at 540-795-3010.

We take pride in our work whether it be for a private or public party, a nightclub atmosphere, a special occasion or an elegant wedding reception. Since our beginning in 1983 we have gained so much experience and personal joy entertaining the entire country!  We can have everyone dancing in the aisles or set a romantic mood with our very large library of music.  We even have special effect lighting and confetti/streamer cannons to enhance and create any mood you want on your special day.

Special Laser Presentations


Experience the breathtaking images and beams of full color lasers surrounding you and your guests. Please contact our Lasertechologist for some creative ideas for your ceremony or reception! We can program the laser projector to do practically ANYthing you desire for your BIG Day! We can even create the colors of your wedding to fill the air above your heads in a slow-moving liquid sky effect during your First Dance. The creative experience is endless and breathtaking! Laser packages are extremely affordable starting at only $500.  Contact us today for more information!


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Live Butterfly Releases


Releasing live butterflies at your wedding or special event is an indescribably unique alternative to confetti, rice, bird seed or balloons. Bill Carroll offers a variety of live butterflies for release on your special day. You and your guests will never forget the magical appearance of these majestic fluttering beauties. As they emerge from their release box, envelopes or decorated release basket, you or an appointed guest can read the words from the American Indian Legend or whatever you have personally written. Whisper a wish to a beautiful butterfly and have that wish come true. Weddings are one of the most unforgettable celebrations in your life and we want it to be extra special. Uses? Release them as a symbol of your new life together or release them in honor of someone either living or who has unfortunately passed. The Symbolism is ENDLESS! CLICK HERE for more information...


We breed our butterflies specifically for your special event

Butterfly Release Packages
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